. kyle abrey .
19 years .

I’m no good

Would not have a problem with never seeing most of the people I know ever again. Fake relationships

Just remember,
These people don’t give a fuck about me until they want something from me.

Rather be away from everyone

Rather be away from everyone

i think about death every single day. every fucking day

i’ve been given lots of chances,

a lot that other people never get,

but should.

rest in peace.


—Siren feat. Ninür

probably the best electronic song ever made

after recently coming to my senses realising my latest, greatest girl crush was never going to give me a shot, i realised that basically every girl i’ve ever been close to, barely has a part in my life anymore.

seems they are pretty good at coming and going as they please. i don’t know if its me but i’m never mean or rude to a girl and i haven’t changed a bit personality wise. i’ve never held a grudge against anyone in my entire life and i’m always the one to make any form of contact whatsoever.

i must just be a very uninteresting person,  i’ve gotten so used to being denied dates/meeting people/anything that my shit giving factor is decreasing rapidly.

rant over, dry spell continues